Sector: Manufacture of wearing apparel (C14)

The sector for manufacture of clothing comprises about 5% of industrial production in the country and generated nearly 8% of value added in industry.

The level of wages in the sector is one of the lowest. The average monthly wage is estimated at about 340 BGN, but provides employment of almost 100 thousand people (19.7% of employees in manufacturing industry).

The index of industrial production and turnover of this sector in 2010 deteriorated by 5.4 and 1.9 percentage points. In the sector has been an increase in producer prices (1.6 percentage points compared to 2009).

The production consists of clothing, articles of fur and other knitwear, carried out by 5000 companies, concentrated in South Central and South Western regions. As more important for the sector can be distinguished Pirin Tex Produkshan, Brilliant, Rodina Popovo, Zalli, London 1999, Misia 96, SUP Bulgaria, Balkonf, Hariesa, Eurocommerce, Albena Style, Dzzd Select BG, Syonmez International and others.

The revival of production in the sector affected the dynamics of exports, which in 2010 grew by 5.2%. Sector participation in foreign trade was 10.3% of total exports and 2.8% of total imports of the country.

Staff providing in the sector is a result from the operation of 54 vocational schools.

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