Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria

One of the main strategic goals Bulgaria has set in the process of her accession to the European Union is enhancing the competitiveness of Bulgarian industry and improving its ability to withstand the competitive pressure of the European and world markets.

The Innovation Strategy provides the exact measures to achieve these goals based on the understanding that the industry's competitive advantage could be achieved by developing, implementing and disseminating innovation, providing leading competitive position in the international markets, meeting in advance new needs of national and international consumers.

The draft Innovation Strategy of the Republic of Bulgaria and its implementing measures has been developed with the support of the Government of the Netherlands under the PSO Pre-accession Programme.

The Innovation Strategy is the result of extensive research and analyses of a huge volume of information:

  • Inventory of the Bulgarian national innovation system;
  • Review of the regulatory framework, national strategy and policies on scientific and technological development and innovation;
  • Scientific, technical and innovation potential of the national industry for the period 1998-2000 (a result of a survey);
  • 10 examples of innovative Bulgarian companies;

The Innovation Strategy sets out ten measures for its implementation, organized into two main groups: Financial and Non-financial instruments for impact.

Pending is the development of a new Innovation Strategy.

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