Industrial cooperation

The Ministry of Economy is the responsible national institution in respect of coordination and implementation of the Industrial Cooperation (IC) policy of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Industrial Cooperation is not a compensatory mechanism returning a part of the effected expenses for the implementation of Investment Expenditure Projects (IEP) for modernization of the Bulgarian Army, but it is a vital tool for:

  • maintaining and/or developing existing or creating new key capabilities (industrial, technological, educational) to protect essential national interests in the field of security and defence;
  • achieving compatibility, increasing security of supply and operative independence;
  • creating conditions to convert the Bulgarian companies, working in the sphere of security and defence into a reliable part of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base.

The good economic (benefits) effects (increasing export and budget income, new jobs creation, etc.) from IC implementation are a consequence of the acquired new or maintained and developed capabilities, but not a principal purpose.

The decision making about IC implementation and the volume of desired partnership is based on the presence or lack of the necessary key capabilities connected to the subject of IEP in Bulgarian Defence Technological and Industrial Base, as well as the necessity to provide protection of essential national interests in the field of security and defence, in accordance with the existing possibilities provided by the EU legislation in force (TFEU and Directive 2009/81/EC).

The implementation of IC can not be justified only by economic motives, above all substantiated strategic and political arguments shall be available.


1. Article 346 TFEU;

2. Directive 2009/81/EC;

3. Public Procurement Act.

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