Electronic awarding of public procurement

What is electronic awarding?

Electronic awarding is the awarding of public procurement, carried out by electronic means, using the generally accessible centralized electronic public procurement platform. The European Directives (Directive 2014/24/EU and Directive 2014/25/EU) in the public procurement area require the mandatory incorporation in the national legislation of the option for electronic submission of offers (bids), introduction of fully electronic communication in the award process and online tools for awarding the public procurement.


What are the benefits of using the electronic platform?

The national platform for electronic awards (Centralized Automated Information System "Electronic Public Procurement” "CAIS EPP") is planned to cover all stages of the award process, incl. planning of the needs, preparation, conducting and finalization of the procedure, signing contracts, etc., for all types of public procurement procedures. The centralized electronic platform is intended to facilitate and modernize the public procurement award procedure. The system will offer a user-friendly interface, and electronic awarding suggest faster and more secure communication between the contracting authority and the interested parties, as well as easier preparation and exchange of documents, required for participation in the procurement.


When will electronic awarding become compulsory?

The compulsory use of the electronic platform will be implemented in stages. First, on 01 November 2019 the application of the national electronic platform will become compulsory for opening the procedures and until the receipt and opening of the electronic applications for participation and the offers (bids). Also compulsory will be the electronic communication in the course of awarding the procurement.

All the functions of the platform will be accessible and compulsory, starting from 01 January 2021. Afterwards, the platform will provide the opportunity for electronic evaluation of the offers, signing contracts, connections to the electronic payment systems, maintaining „Buyer's profile“ of the individual contracting authorities, etc.


How can I cope with using the electronic platform?

In order to ensure flawless transition to electronic awarding, training, testing and user registration activities are planned. The maintenance and management of the centralized electronic platform is assigned to the Executive Director of the Public Procurement Agency.


For more information
For more information

Up-to-date information regarding the platform and the trainings and test procedures performed, can be found on the website of the:

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