1. 1. Have you ever used the services, provided by the Ministry of Economy?

  • yes
  • no

2. 2. Which of the Reception Offices of the Ministry of Economy have you visited?

  • At No. 8 Slavyanska Str., 'One-stop' Service
  • At the following address, No. 4 Lege Str. - Reception room of the Directorate 'Internationally Controlled Trade and Security'
  • At the following address, No. 12 'Knyaz Alexander I' Str. - Reception room of Directorate 'Registration, Licensing and Control'

3. 3. How did you find information about the administrative service you are using?

  • On the Ministry's website
  • By visiting a Reception room of the Ministry
  • On the telephone

4. 4. How would you define the information, provided on the information board in the building of the Ministry of Economy, located on No. 8 'Slavyanska' Str.?

  • Easy to understand and comprehensive
  • Unclear and insufficient
  • I could not decide
  • Other

5. What additional information would you like to see on the information board?

6. 6. How long did you wait to talk to the employee from the department of administrative services/ the reception room?

  • I did not have to wait
  • I had to await no more than 10 minutes
  • I had to await no more than 20 minutes
  • I had to await more than 20 minutes

7. 7. Were you provided with the necessary assistance from the employees of the Ministry of Economy?

  • Yes, the employee had the right attitude and proceeded with the right actions in good time
  • Yes, the employee made the necessary clarifications and helped me remove the inconsistencies
  • No, the employee was slow and was not as attentive as necessary
  • No, the employee's attitude was markedly unpleasant and disparaging
  • Other

8. 8. How would you assess the administrative service, provided by the Ministry of Economy?

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Unsatisfactory
  • I cannot decide

9. 9. What are your recommendations for improving the administrative services, provided at the Ministry of Economy?

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