Creative Europe Program

What is the program about?

Creative Europe is the 2014-2020 framework program of the EC for promotion of the cultural and audiovisual sector. It supports programs in the areas of culture, cinema, television, music, literature, performing arts, and heritage. These areas are recognized as important sources of employment and economic growth.


What is the main goal of the program?

Creative Europe Program has two subprograms – Media and Culture. Media Subprogram supports the European film and television industry and focuses on projects in the areas of video games and digital technologies, distribution, festivals, training and education programs. Culture Subprogram supports creative artists and organizations (including SME) operating in the cultural and creative industries in Europe. The purpose is to help them internationalize their activity, provide crossborder circulation of cultural products and promote mobility and exchange of good practices among persons involved in cultural activities. Culture Subprogram provides support along four operational lines: cooperation projects, translation of literary works, European networks and European platforms.


What is the budget of the program?

The budget of the program is EUR 1.46 bln.


What are the deadlines for application in calls for proposals under the program?

Each call for proposals specifies a concrete application deadline.


How can you apply under the program?

Calls for proposals are available on the website of the European Commission.


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For more information

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