Life Program

What is the program about?

LIFE Program has two subprograms: Environment (EUR 2.59 bln) and Climate Action (EUR 0.86 bln). At least EUR 2.8 bln are earmarked for LIFE projects funded with grant financing or innovative financial instruments. The program is managed by the EC, individual components being delegated to the Executive Agency for SME (EASME).

Any state or private company in the EU may participate in LIFE Program as coordinator or joint beneficiary. Each subprogram has three priority areas in which SME can apply.

For Environment:

  • Environment and resource efficiency;
  • Nature and biodiversity;
  • Environmental governance and information.

For Climate Action:

  • Mitigation of climate change;
  • Adaptation to climate change;
  • Climate governance and information.


What is the main goal of the program?

LIFE Program is the instrument of the EU for funding activities related to the environment and climate for 2014-2020.


What is the budget of the program?

The budget of the program is EUR 3.46 bln.


What are the deadlines for application in calls for proposals under the program?

Each call for proposals specifies a concrete application deadline.


How can you apply under the program?

Calls for proposals are posted on the website of the EC.


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For more information

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