Customers' Charter

With our face to the people


The Ministry of Economy shall carry out a clear and transparent policy, aimed at enhancing the competitiveness of economy, securing growth and employment, maintaining a favourable business environment and effective external economic cooperation, encouraging investment in technology and innovative products and supporting small and medium-sized enterprises.

The Ministry of Economy shall provide quality administrative services through lawful, transparent and efficient activities of the administration, by striving to treat its customers with professionalism and understanding.

Our quality policy in the delivery of administrative services aims at:

  • Making it easier for users of administrative services to obtain information on the types of administrative services;
  • Facilitating administrative procedures;
  • Achieving optimal results and service quality in the complex administrative services with minimum financial and human resources;
    • Ensuring fast and quality service to citizens and businesses;
    • Each user of a service shall receive complete and accurate, clear and easily understandable information on the questions asked;
    • Equal treatment of all customers without discrimination.

You should expect from us:

  • To have a courteous and intelligent attitude, to respect your rights and your personal dignity;
  • To be honest and responsive;
  • To perform our duties impartially and without bias;
  • Take all necessary actions for quality and accurate provision of services;
  • Adhere to the deadlines for each administrative service;
  • Refrain from any discrimination;
  • To inform you in good time of any problems that have occurred and of the reasons that have led to that situation and the expected deadline, in which you should receive the service;
  • To observe confidentiality on all inquiries, alerts and complaints by each user of administrative services, provided by the ministry;
  • Not to disclose the data and personal information of citizens, who have become known to us in the course of our official duties or in connection with or in connection with the implementation of our obligations;
  • To comply with the principle of equal treatment of customers of the administrative services;
  • To behave in such a way, as not to provoke conflicting situations and if such situations should however occur - to try and keep calm and control our behaviour;
  • To carry a distinctive batch with a photo and data about the names, position, administration and the department, to which we belong and to introduce ourselves by first and last name in telephone conversations.

We would expect you to:

  • To treat the employees who serve you with respect and not to behave aggressively;
  • Be careful and courteous to other citizens;
  • To provide complete and accurate information about the service you would like to receive;
  • Express your opinions, suggestions and comments freely in order to improve the quality of the services we provide.

If you have complaints or recommendations, related to difficulties and problems with the provision of administrative services at the Ministry of Economy, as well as suggestions for optimization of activities, we would expect you to inform us about it either verbally - at the desk/office for administrative service or in writing - by mail, by fax, by filling in a feedback form or by e-mail to the e-mail address of the ministry.

The possible options of submitting signals, containing allegations of violations are published on the Ministry's website, under the heading 'Anti-corruption and alerts', 'Relationship with the Inspectorate'.

Upon completing the required checks and verifications, you will be notified at  the mailing or email address, specified by you.

You can receive information about the provided administrative services and the options of complex administrative services in the following manner:

  • Through the website of the Ministry of Economy - section "Administrative Services";
  • On the information boards in the building of the Ministry of Economy, 8 Slavianska Str.
  • At the following telephone numbers: 02/9407327 and 02/9407331.

Contact Us:

When you contact us by mail, fax or e-mail, we will give you a response within 7 days of the date we received the letter, fax or e-mail, unless otherwise specified in a statutory instrument.

To contact us by telephone, you can call the following number 02/9407001 from Monday to Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Mailing address:

Ministry of Economy, No. 8 Slavyanska Street, city of Sofia, 1052

Central Office Fax: 02/9872190 and 02/9819970

E-mail address:

Letters, received at the Ministry's e-mail address shall be registered in the sequence order of their receipt within the established working time and the documents, received in non-working hours shall be registered on the next business day.

Reception Rooms

No. 8 Slavyanska Str., 'One-stop' Service

No. 4 Lege Str. - Reception room of the Directorate 'Internationally Controlled Trade and Security'

No. 12 'Knyaz Alexander I' Str. - Reception room of Directorate 'Registration, Licensing and Control'

Working hours: from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

In the cases, where there are users of administrative services in the service premises at the end of the announced working hours, the work of the unit shall continue until the completion of their service, yet not more than two hours after the announced working hours.


If you want to share your opinion about the services we offer and the manner of their provision, you can fill out the Feedback Poll. Any opinions, recommendations and suggestions for improvement of the administrative services, provided by the Ministry of Economy shall be taken into consideration.

The questionnaire has been published on the Ministry's website at: , section "Administrative Services".

You can send the filled-in questionnaire/feedback form by mail, by fax, e-mail it to our official e-mail address or forward it over to an employee of the Department/Unit of Administrative services in the building of the Ministry of Economy at No. 8 Slavianska Str.

Additional information about the Customer's Charter

The charter was approved by the Minister of Economy, by Order No. RD-16-1321 / dated 11 October 2017, published on the website of the Ministry of Economy: and has been placed in a visible location on the information board of the Ministry of Economy at No. 8 Slavianska Str.

The charter may be amended and supplemented in a timely manner in line with regulatory changes and in response to the changing needs of the users of administrative services.

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